Katniss Everdeen


K is for Katniss.

I am a huge Hunger Games fan and part of that is because Katniss is such a fascinating, flawed and fun character.

Suzanne Collins does a good job of giving us a strong female character who is not perfect or always selfless, but is ultimately trying to do what is right while still protecting herself and those she cares about.  Does she make mistakes?  Of course.  But is she in completely unimaginable situations where the “right” choice can never be easy? Absolutely.  I wasn’t always happy with her choices, but I cared about her and wanted her to survive.

And I wanted her to pick Peeta.  I’m totally Team Peeta.  Not Team Josh Hutcherson, though.  First of all he is such a kid.  But also while very adorable and funny, he was not at all what I envisioned for Peeta.  I have no hate for JHutch, but I just imagine Peeta differently.

I love the casting of the movie in general though. Jennifer Lawrence is absolutely a great pick for Katniss.  I thoroughly enjoy her interviews and press promoting the movies, so for that alone, I appreciate the casting.  But I really think she does a good job of portraying the range of emotion we see in the character in the book.

I would not have imagined Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, but I love him in the role.  Brilliant.  Stanley Tucci as Caeser Flickerman?  Perfect.  Woody Harrelson as Haymitch. Greatness.  I really loved Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch.  Such a tragic loss there, and not just as Plutarch.  😦

I enjoy the movies a lot, but I love the books.  I remember hearing about them and can remember posting on Facebook as I bought the first one that I hoped it lived up to the hype.  Days later when I had blown through the whole series, I would argue that it exceeded my expectations.  I can’t pinpoint what it is I love so much.  But I love returning to the story.  There’s a lot of tension, but a lot of humor, too.  (Boggs saying “Don’t expect us to be impressed. We just saw Finnick O’Dair in his underwear.”  Hilarious.)

Of course the romantic in me loves the Katniss/Peeta storyline.  I loved his love for her.  But I love that this series didn’t make it clear how she felt about him or Gale for that matter. And that it wasn’t the center of the story.  I love that she grew to love Peeta and ultimately had to make a choice.  Not just the choice of Gale or Peeta.  But the choice to love.  Despite all that she had been through.  A choice to love.  I think that’s cool.

I would like to mention here that Suzanne Collins also has a really spectacular series called The Underland Chronicles that is for a younger age group, closer to Harry Potter perhaps.  She wrote these before Hunger Games and I read them after I went through HG several times because I just needed more of her writing.  Gregor is a great character too and his world is as vivid and tense and funny and readable.  I highly recommend reading that series, too.

Have a great night and… May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.

(Or — Fly You High (from Gregor 🙂 )