My A to Z Challenge theme was to be centered on inspiration – although has also just been a collection of favorite things. Tonight’s post is about something that makes me happy and inspires me …to be in a better mood. 🙂


Whether they are cut roses in a lovey arrangement or rose bushes that blossom again and again, I really enjoy and love roses. My husband is smart and sweet so he gives me both. Here are some pictures from the Knockout Rose bushes in the backyard that just started blooming again. Yay for Spring!



But I also love all kinds of flowers. Bluebonnets are a favorite and since it is springtime in Texas they are scattered in thick patches all over the roadside on my way to and from work. My favorite is when the Bluebonnets are mixed in with what I believe are Indian Paintbrush. Beautiful! These flowers inspire me to smile when I am stuck in traffic and just want to be home already. 🙂


And then here’s a cheery bouquet my husband sent me for my birthday this year. I definitely was inspired to smile – and to be thankful for my thoughtful husband.

Whether planted to enjoy all year or cut and mixed into a beautiful bouquet, roses make me smile.