What I loved about Only Lovers Left Alive

Today is our day off from the A to Z Challenge, so I’m sneaking this response to (finally!) getting to see Only Lovers Left Alive into this my normal Sunday post day.  Tomorrow the A to Z will resume with X and we will finish up this week.  It’s been really a fantastic experience, but I really will be happy to go back to once a week posts, so I can focus more time on my book.  🙂

I’ll admit, the main reason I was so stoked to see Jim Jarmusch’s new movie, Only Lovers Left Alive, was for my fangirl favorite, Tom Hiddleston, who stars as the reclusive musician vampire Adam. But the movie is really a beautiful little treat of a movie, so I would recommend it even if I weren’t a Hiddleston fan.

The fabulous Tilda Swinton stars as his longtime lover (and fellow vampire) Eve.  Though they have loved each other throughout a great deal of time, they live separately, Adam in a ghostly Detriot and Eve in Tangiers. Eve sees Adam is sinking into a darker state, possibly considering harming himself, so she makes the trip to be with him.

The scene where she packs to go to Detroit is fantastic. She lovingly selects from her stacks of books that fill her small home the ones she can pack into her suitcase. She touches the pages with tenderness and I think any reader, human or undead, could relate to that type of affection.

Adam has books in his home as well, but it’s instruments and musical equipment that fill his space. His gentle loving touch is directed toward antique guitars and a beautiful instrument Eve buys him near the end of the movie. And toward Eve, of course.

There is a scene when Eve arrives at Adam’s home where he welcomes her over the threshold, removing her glove and holding her hand to his face. Oh my, swoon.

Jarmusch gives us such lovely quiet little scenes and the movie is filled with simple moments and beautiful details. They play chess and discuss historic people they’ve known while enjoying a blood Popsicle. They go to a club with Eve’s troublesome sister played by Mia Wasikowska and Ian, played by Anton Yelchin, who helps Adam locate some hard to get items. Adam goes dressed as a doctor (Dr. Faust 🙂 ) to see Dr Watson, played by another favorite, Jeffrey Wright, to fill his blood supply needs.

Then there is a scene where Eve confronts Adam about something she finds that shows how he is seriously contemplating harming himself. I can just feel the ‘how could you possibly consider harming yourself’ panic she might feel at the possibility. Of course maybe I am projecting. 😉

But then they dance. And it’s my favorite scene in the movie. The connection between the two as they playfully but lovingly dance is so beautiful. Yes, I cried a bit.

I know I have said beautiful so many times, but so much of what is great about the movie is how it looks. Tom and Tilda are just striking and they look like the world’s coolest vampires. Adam plays the violin at one point and just watching his hands…well okay maybe that is the Hiddleston junkie talking. Still, it’s lovely.

I would say this is worth checking out, if it is available to you, though it isn’t in the widest release, which stinks. It is true that this movie is a smaller, indie, art-house type movie, but it’s a shame that more people don’t have access or opportunity.

I may need to take advantage of my opportunity and see this one again. 🙂