Poem A Day – Day16- Prompt is Once Upon a Time

Today’s prompt was Once Upon a Time. See how many stories you recognize. 🙂

Once upon
a time
in a

There was a mother of dragons
a night’s watch on guard,
A winter that is coming
And many a house coveting a throne.

Or bewitched by a wealthy gentleman
And a proud, but poor lady
Who at first vex each other greatly,
But soon find they fell in love.

I found a young girl, proficient
with a bow, selected for cruel games
Along with a boy with the bread and together they spark a revolution.

I saw an admirable father
Who took on a tough case
To show his young daughter
real courage’s face.

And then there was a wizard
Who with his friends from school
Fought off a dark lord and
Won our hearts along the way.

These books I take home
And I read in my chair
With a nice cup of tea –
All day I can stay there

For it is as I read
I can live
ever after