Day 8 – Prompt is the Moon

Today’s prompt was centered on the moon and all it inspires.

With the moon I think weird things like werewolves and vampires who can only walk around at night. My free write suggested in the prompt led me to nothing that especially inspired me.

I was also pressed for time on this because I got the chance to go see a screening of NT Live’s broadcast of Streetcar Named Desire from the Young Vic in London at an art museum in Ft. Worth, TX. If you get a chance to see NT Live showings, I would encourage you to check it out. It’s a very cool experience.

The poetry form suggested for today though was kinda fun to play with, so here is my attempt at an acrostic.

In the Moonlight

marry me, he said, as we walked
over the bridge downtown,
our hands entwined and
no one, it seemed, around.
love me? he asked, with a grin.
i did, of course. entirely.
guarded no longer.
he had won me completely.
true love exists. so I said yes.

October Poetry Writing Month (OctPoWriMonth)


Since Sunday is my regular post day, some may not have seen yet that I decided to participate in a neat little challenge, the October Poetry Writing Month or OctPoWriMonth. Participants are posting a poem a day. It’s not too late to join and participate along with us. Check out the OctPoWriMo website where every day the admins will post a prompt for the day and in some cases will also have a suggested style to try.

You don’t have to be an expert at poetry. (Thank goodness or I would not be allowed to join in!)

You don’t have to follow the prompt or do the suggested style.

You don’t have to follow any rule except post a poem a day on your blog and then link up on the website so people will come visit your blog and see what you’ve done. You should then also go check out other blogs and read their submissions. Then if you visit, you would need to offer encouragement, since we are all in this together. 🙂

Even if you don’t want to put a poem up, you can still play along and read those of us who are posting. I know the visits and encouragement would be appreciated.

Below is my post for Day 5. The prompt was Autumn, which I already touched on in an earlier post, but I love Fall, so I can take a new approach with this one. Thanks, as always, to you for reading. I hope everyone has a great week. Please do come back as the challenge goes on and remember I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

When Autumn Begins

The heat soaked summer is fading
The evening chill starts to set in
The change in seasons is welcome
Like meeting an old friend.

The hearth and harvest are in focus
The leaves turn from green to red
And to yellow, even to crunchy brown.
They paint the season in our head.

Yes it’s an end to the sizzle of summer
But autumn is a new beginning, too.
A season of thanks is now blooming
For me and, I hope, also for you.

Poem a Day – Day 2

In what may surely be a “What Was She Thinking?” moment, I have committed to doing a Poem A Day for the month of October as part of OctPoWriMonth.

Given the parameters of the challenge, these will be written in a day. I will try to follow the prompts, but may change as we go along.

I missed day one, having just discovered this challenge in tonight’s Story Dam Twitter chat. Given that I am 1) new to my love of poetry (check out my Desiderata post to find out more), and 2) I haven’t yet studied the craft, imperfect my poems most certainly will be. But isn’t it good to stretch ourselves a little? I saw this great quote on Twitter today:

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily.
To not dare is to lose oneself. ~Kierkegaard

So here I go, daring myself to try something out of my comfort zone.


The Two of Us
By CJ Schwartz

I watched her wrinkled hand smooth the tablecloth at our little table.
It was the one her mother
gave us when we married –
so many years past now.
I long ago learned not to question
the time and effort
some of these little things took.
It would be the two of us, after all, enjoying bowls of reheated beef stew
and day old (but delicious) cornbread.
Still, she took the time
to set a lovely table.
Our daughters now are grown.
They have their own tables to set,
though they have meetings
and travel and kids and perhaps
are too busy or too uninterested.
But not my darling, my dearest.
She does this with a small smile, pleased to make something beautiful.
I kiss her check as she fusses
over white cloth napkins
and think to myself,
she has made our life