Poem a Day – Day 24 – Prompt is Guilty Pleasures

So today’s OctPoWriMo prompt was not exactly just about guilty pleasures, but that was the part of the prompt I responded to the most, so I’m running with it. I did read the fantastic post by Jessica Scott, which got me thinking about guilty pleasures instead of the reality shows the prompt mainly touched upon, so, thanks Jess! πŸ™‚

I am an unapologetic Fangirl and my love extends to many books, movies, TV shows and people. I have posted about
being a Fangirl before and also about my absolute love for all things Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Sherlock and Game of Thrones. I also started this blog and writing challenge because of my Tom Hiddleston Fangirling.

So without further ado – my poem tonight for guilty pleasures is my fun Fangirl anthem. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to share what you geek out/Fangirl out about in the comments.

I am Fangirl, hear me roar

I geek out about a lot –
this I will not deny.
So here I am now –
letting my Fangirl flag fly high.

I have book characters
that I love with great zeal
And worlds in those books
I wish dearly were real.

I have movies I love
and am known often to quote
I love when you quote along
but still will, even if you don’t.

Oh and TV shows!
I’m not afraid to admit
I love the tenth Doctor
and the eleventh, Matt Smith.

There may also be an actor
that makes me smile quite a lot
perhapsΒ I should feel guilty
but, honestly, I really do not.

I am a fangirl –
hear me roar
I am a fangirl –
With much I adore.

Come along if you like and
Share what you love most
We can share in the bond
Or share in a toast.

Fangirls don’t judge
We just have lots of fun
And if we scare you a wee bit
It is okay to run.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Poem a Day – Day 21 – Prompt is Fingerprints


The photo above and today’s OctPoWriMo prompt were from the very talented Julie Jordan Scott. Our prompt was to think about fingerprints, handprints, or footprints.

I like the idea of exploring where our fingerprints might be in this world – whether it be physical places we have been and things we have literally touched, or, as I’ve chosen to explore, a metaphorical fingerprint.

I love the line quoted in Dead Poets Society (a favorite) from Walt Whitman’s O Me! O Life!

What good amid these? O me? O life?
That you are here- that life exists and identity
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.

As Mr. Keating then asked, “What will your verse be?”


I watched him read out loud
to his brothers one day
when he thought I wasn’t looking.

I saw him helping a friend
in a quiet thoughtful way,
without being asked to help.

I heard him express himself
clearly and intelligently
with confidence, not fear.

I hear and see so much
he does, he says, he is,
with so much pride in him.

I tell myself hopefully that there must
be at least some of my fingerprints
in this person he is becoming.

Poem a Day – Day 20 – Prompt is Better Late Than Never

Hi all. This theme is appropriate for me because it’s better late than never that I get this written. I am so tired though so I will keep this short and sweet. The OctPoWriMo prompt was “Better Late than Never” and think about feelings about being late.

I thought about how sometimes it’s tempting not to try something because we are too old or for whatever reason we think it’s too late to try. I say go for it! πŸ™‚

This form that was suggested was definitely new to me. See the description on the Shadow Poetry site for Blitz Poem. 48 lines with a repeating pattern to follow. Interesting! πŸ™‚

Better Late Than Never

Better late than never
Better something than nothing
Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing may be easier
Easier isn’t always better
Easier isn’t always safe
Safe and sound
Safe can be an illusion
Illusion of isolation
Illusion of having enough time
Time marches on
Time we can’t get back
Back to the moment
Back to taking chances
Chances are you can do more
Chances are that maybe
Maybe have more fun, too
Maybe it’s easier than you think
Think not of the ‘Why nots’
Think not of “If”
If it is important
If it is what you want to do
Do Not give up
Do Not worry about it
It is up to no one else
It is up to you
You care what
You care who
Who cares if you fall
Who cares what they say
Say anyone or no one
Say So and So
So much to do
So much you can be
Be confident
Be Still
Still, you know…
Still, I just…
Just stop doubt
Just Go
Go About
Go To
To Here and To There
To and From
From you now
From the start

Poem a Day – Day 13 – Prompt is Color


The OctPoWriMo prompt for today is color. We could pick a color to inspire or reflect on the feeling colors bring. I love this prompt because I feel colors do affect me and I tend toward warm, bright colors to boost my mood. But somedays I respond to the muted colors. Today’s poem speaks to those colors. Thanks for reading and have a great day! πŸ™‚


Yesterday’s bright sunshine
Has faded from sight
The sky now seems empty
Wiped clean overnight

The fog crept in this morning
The playful palette has dimmed.
Grays and light blues now cover
Green grass and tree limbs.

The vibrant colors are now muted
The light no longer the same
The way the light touches us
seems to have shifted and changed

Yet somehow the smudged sky
And misty morning seem more real.
With the brightness swept away
All the honesty is revealed.

Poem a Day – Day 12 – Prompt is Obsession

Today’s prompt for OctPoWriMo was on obsession, desire or lust.

Hmmm, quite a lot of ways to go with those prompts, not all of which would fit this particular blog. Β πŸ™‚ Β 

I went around other blogs having followed this prompt and I saw a wide variety of approaches. Β My favorite so far was from Diana T.
Be sure to read to the end. Β Very clever approach to the prompt.

This that I decided on was for the fun.

Ode to a Villain

I know it’s the good guys

For whom I should cheer

They fight for the right

And villains instill fear.

Yet sometimes a villain

Captures our imagination

Perhaps he’s not completely evil

And not too late for redemption.

This villain we love

Is acted with skill

And written with layers

So to watch is a thrill.

One minute he dazzles

Frequently he schemes

Always full of mischief

Not as simple as he seems.

This villain is a favorite

And yes, we may be obsessed,

But the reasons are many and varied

For why we remain so impressed.

Poem a day – Day 6 – Prompt: Perfect

Today was a challenging parenting day for my husband and me. We have all three of our kids in various stages of sickness and have been dealing with this for a week or so. There are lots of difficulties beyond the obvious misery of just having to see your kiddos be miserable in any way.

One big difficulty, for me, is having to make so many decisions. Do we need to take them to the doctor or do they not need to go in? Do they need to stay home from school or are they good to go back? Do they go ahead and play sports or should they skip? These choices can fuel the fire of doubts we have about the quality of our parenting.

So when I read today’s OctPoWriMo prompt I immediately thought of the pressure we feel, both internally and externally, to be a perfect parent.

I chose to try this poem’s form from suggestion in today’s prompt. I did this partially because I want to use this challenge to learn more about poetry and its forms. I’ll be honest, though, I also really liked the length. 4 lines. πŸ™‚

Life of a mom
Wants to be perfect
Fails daily, but tries again each day
Love! Not perfection

Poem a Day – Days 3&4

Well it looks like I am off to a rocky start. πŸ™‚

Doing this October Poetry Writing Month Challenge – OctPoWriMo – is turning out to be a challenge for me, on several levels. The first is, of course, and always, time. I have already committed to writing something every day, but writing something worth letting someone actually see every day, and in a style where I’m such a complete beginner? It’s turning out to be quite a bit more difficult than I anticipated. πŸ™‚

But I’ve stressed to my kids the importance of sticking with something even when it is hard, so I can push myself a little here. This challenge will help me stretch my limits a bit and force me to share, which is something I will admit I am not always the best at doing. ( Joanne and Jessica will be nodding their heads at this comment. πŸ™‚ I know, I know.)

It helps to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done. Maybe after a month of attempts, I’ll come up with a keeper or two. Maybe. πŸ™‚

Below are poems for Days 3 and 4. Prompt for Day 3 is sweets, treats, indulgences. Day 4 is revolution.

Delights of the season

I watched a film the other day,
one with gentlemen in waistcoats; ladies in petticoats, hats, and gloves
Attending balls and gathering
at a large estate for a perfect picnic
At one point a wealthy widow
offers to take the poor young ladies
to her place in London
to ‘taste the delights of the season’.
She surely was referring to the
opportunities to be social
and for the ladies to snag a husband.
But what an interesting idea:
tasting the delights of the season.

Autumn is beginning here soon
and with the falling leaves comes
cups of hot cocoa and spiced cider
pumpkins and pine cones
Warm sweaters and cooler evenings
Football and chili cook offs
Halloween candy and crazy costumes
Turkey and dressing and lots of pie
Let us taste the delights of this season,
and the delights of all seasons
in the little moments.


A revolution doesn’t have to be
bloody and full of martyrs
A revolution doesn’t have to be
loud and all about the noise
A revolution doesn’t have to be
about God or Country

A revolution can be a quiet,
slow spreading wildfire of an idea, if powerful enough and the moment
kindles the spirit of the movement.
If the voice that is raised is strong,
brave and speaks a truth.

If you listen you can hear it…