N is for…


My 2015 A to Z Challenge Theme is Quotes & Lines from Literature. Each day I will be posting a favorite quote or a few lines from well known short stories, poems or novels, with the letter of the first name as the A to Z. I’ll have a short write up with each quote, but each quote can also serve as a writing prompt for readers or myself.  I may write a poem or flash fiction based on that quote, or just throw it out there as inspiration. Hopefully you’ll join me in this adventure! I’ll try to include some of my favorite blog finds as I move through the challenge as well.



As you may have guessed, this quote is from The Scarlet Letter, which was likely required reading when you were in school, like it was for me. It was actually required reading multiple times in high school and college for me. 😉

I chose this quote because the concept of someone pretending to be something he/she is not could be a very rich one. So, too, could be the idea of exploring the consequences of such a deceit, both the consequences for the pretender and for those led to believe the lie. Many a good story could begin with these concepts, or perhaps could be used to add another layer to one (or more) of our characters. 

I think most anyone can relate to a certain degree with pretending to be something they are not, or perhaps just a better version of what they are, so why not incorporate it into our writing? 😀 

Have you ever had a truth you kept hidden? Ever put on a brave face when your real face was crumbling? Ever pretended to belong when the truth was that you didn’t? My guess is that we all have at one time or another, but have hopefully found a way to live the truth. 

What are some of your favorite stories (movies or books) where someone presented one face to the world and another to himself? Any characters that this makes you think of? Feel free to share with me in the comments!