Technical difficulties

We were without internet at our house for over 24 hours this weekend.

One would have thought my children were deprived of food, water or shelter with the level of suffering they claimed to be enduring.

When we finally got our internet back the victorious cry was one you might expect at the end of a movie when the good guys defeat the bad guys threatening to destroy the planet.

The World is Safe! We’re gonna live!

Of course my husband and I missed the internet, too, but it amused me how the loss of internet affected so much of my kids’ routine. No Xbox live. No YouTube videos. No Doctor Who on my Kindle.

But I was sympathetic. I know how upsetting it can be when things aren’t working for you the way you want them to as I have also been facing other computer issues myself.

I bought a new laptop PC from work because the laptop I had been using fell and the screen got destroyed. I can use the laptop but only with external monitor, which means it is essentially a desktop now. It’s in my oldest’s room now.

So I am excited to have a laptop again, but I needed programs – Word being most important because I need to write.

The computer I purchased had in outdated OS. It came with Vista which apparently is compatible with … nothing! 😉 Seriously though it was not working for me to get Word or Scrivener. Basically all I could do was get on the internet – when my internet was working 😉

Thankfully when I told my dad about my predicament, he had Windows 7 he bought but wasn’t able to use. Ithink I successfully updated it to new OS but I’m not certain yet.

Once I confirm if OS install successful, I will try Word & Scrivener.

So tonight my fingers are crossed that all goes well with OS install and that our internet sticks with us.

Have a great week.

PS – Happy 60th birthday to my mom!