Steve Rogers A/K/A Captain America


As a mom of three boys, I have learned a lot about Star Wars, Spider-Man, Superman & other superheroes. I considered all of these as my S post.

But lately the focus had been on all things Marvel Universe. We’ve been making our way through the whole catalog of Marvel movies. I am slowly becoming an expert on all the characters so I can answer the endless questions from my boys.

A very popular question is, “Who is your favorite superhero?” The answer changes for me.

I used to say Superman, but specifically Christopher Reeves’ Superman. He may be a little dated now and on the cheesy side but, ah, that smile! The latest reboot with the handsome Brit, Henry Cavill, looked so good, but didn’t really resonate with me.

For awhile the answer was Iron Man. I mean seriously, that series is quite a lot of fun. And Robert Downey, Jr. is made of awesome.

Until recently the last one I would have chosen would have been Captain America. I watched the Avengers and Captain America was pretty cool in the end but I didn’t know his story so I didn’t really get his character, the shield or the suit.

With the new Captain America-The Winter Soldier recently released, my son decided to catch up and watch the first Captain America-The First Avenger. So we all watched it one night a few weeks ago. I had pretty low expectations. But I was really surprised at how much I liked it. And the character and his story made a lot more sense.

Then this last weekend my husband, my three sons, a good friend, her 2 sons and I went to see Captain America-The Winter Soldier. We filled up almost an entire row and made our way through about 3 buckets of popcorn. Yep, that’s Marvel movie watching done right. 🙂

After the movie, I was chatting with my boys about what was their favorite part. Unsurprisingly they chose a lot of the funnier parts. One favorite line was from the Where’s Waldo of Marvel movies, the Stan Lee cameo. For those non-Marvel fans, Stan Lee is essentially Marvel comics, creator of the characters so beloved by many. He has a cameo in all the movies and sometimes they are the movies’ funnier scenes. Stan gets a great line in Captain America-The Winter Soldier and my boys kept going back to that scene.

Then comes the inevitable question. “Mom, who is your favorite superhero?” I had to admit that Captain America is starting to take over as #1 on my list. Then I had to ask myself why.

No, it is not because Chris Evans is handsome, though he is not at all hard on the eyes.

It’s certainly not because he is the coolest Avenger, though he does make some jokes in this latest movie, way more than in Avengers, for sure.

Captain America is growing on me because Steve Rogers seems to be such a genuinely good guy. A real hero who tries to do good, even when it is not easy or popular. A hero without all the anti-hero qualities we see so often now post-Tony Soprano.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Tony Soprano, and Dr. Gregory House and Tony Stark for that matter. But these guys are full of flaws even though we still find a way up root for them. The anti-hero can be cool and has his place.

There’s nothing anti-hero about Steve Rogers. Does he make mistakes? Sure. Is he perfect? Of course not. But he isn’t riddled with all the less desirable traits that seem to color so many characters who are supposed to be the hero. You don’t watch him destroying himself or anyone around him as he also manages to save the world. You don’t have to question whether or not you can trust him or should be pulling for him.

In Captain America-The Winter Soldier, a big theme is that you can’t trust anyone. It is extremely refreshing to know our hero isn’t going to be one of the ones who can’t be trusted. He’s going to make the good decisions. He’s going to try to save someone he cares about, even if that puts him in danger.

So yeah, Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, gets my vote for favorite superhero right now.

It’s nice to really cheer for the good guy.