Something “Twisted” This Way Comes…

Today is the first day of a new blog launched by a group of writers I belong to now, which we are calling the Twisted Writers!  Check out, where every day we will have a new post from one of our group. 

Currently we have six members in the Twisted Writers, each with a specific post day, and will leave Sundays open for snippets of our work or guest blogs. We will all make sure our posts touch on, if not center around, writing themes.  We also have some upcoming projects as a group we’ll share more about as they develop. 

There are lots of exciting things to come, so stay tuned!

Jesi Scott, from over at The Lunatic Poet, will be posting a cute little story about our group today on Twisted Writers which you should go check out. Jesi will be posting every Monday, including, I am sure, some of her poetry work and insights. 

Read my first post tomorrow about what makes us Twisted Writers. Then you’ll see my posts there every Tuesday.  😃

AJ Prince, from Fiction and Food, will be posting on Wednesdays. You’ll love her natural writing style and great sense of humor. 

Joe Bucemi will be posting on Thursdays and I am sure will quickly become a favorite not only for his writing but for his fantastic and fun cartoons.

David Franklin is our spy thriller writer. His keen intelligence, razor sharp wit and tight writing will keep you reading. 

Amanda S. Green from Nocturnal Lives will be posting on Saturdays. She has published novels and short stories under several pen names so offers great insight into the joys of publishing and the ups and downs of our current publishing industry. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll give the Twisted Writers a look as well as we start this new adventure. 

Have a great week! 


A to Z experience update

So this is my first year doing the A to Z blog challenge and it has been G for Great so far!

Created by Arlee Bird at Tossing it Out, the challenge is a fantastic way to not only get more people to your site, but to see what else is out there. And I have found there are a lot of great blogs out there I may have not otherwise found. Here are some of my favorites:

Wordsplash Joanne’s blog is always fun and insightful, but I am really enjoying her take on the A to Z. Character names! Brilliant! And she does it with her characteristic great sense of humor.

Tea and Knee Socks A writer and fellow geek met through the A to Z. Her posts are great fun.

Kate Sparkes – Her blog is full of great writing insight and fun.

Mellisa Janda Another new discovery through A to Z, Melissa’s posts are smart and full of great ideas and advice. I’ve also appreciated her comments on my posts. Great to meet fellow writers this way!

Geeky Book Snob Isn’t that a great blog title? Her posts are just as much fun.

Tales of the Rock This one I just saw today, but it is linked up with another A to Z who are doing a kind of cool linked approach. About movies – always fun.

It’s been a great month so far and I look forward to writing (and reading!) the rest of the alphabet as the challenge goes on. You can read any of my posts for A to Z (through K) that you may have missed below.

Have a great week everyone 🙂

A is for Alibi – A favorite 30 Seconds to Mars song – and general love for all their music

B is for Bookstores – I love bookstores and libraries and books!

C is for Cameron Crowe – 3 favorite movies by this great writer/director

D is for Desiderata – A favorite poem, among many others, on the great Love Book app

E is for Emma – Lots of love for two of my favorite Emmas – Emma Thompson and Emma Watson

F is for Fangirling – Yes, I am a fangirl and proud.  😉

G is for Grateful – I was feeling grateful for all I’ve been given while worrying about a little girl who has been facing battles.

H is for Harry Potter – Big time Harry Potter fan

I is for Inverness – Some Scotland love

J is for Joss Whedon Quotes – Collection of some of my favorite quotes from another favorite writer/director

K is for Katniss Everdeen – Katniss is a complex character in a fascinating series of books.

2014 Blogging from A-Z Challenge

I am excited to be a participant in this year’s Blogging From A to Z Challenge which will start this Tuesday April 1st and will last all month.

As a part of this challenge, I will be blogging every day in April with most days following the format detailed below. This challenge, though, allows for Sundays to be off as a rest day, but Sundays are my set blog days, so those days will not be in the A-Z Challenge, they will be my regular DYSB style.


For all the Monday through Saturday posts I’ll be following the challenge style, which has participants following an A-Z guided schedule using a letter a day in our blog post title. Some will use the letters without a theme, but I have chosen to have a theme to my A-Z.

A recent tweet from a friend (check out Jessica’s blog here) got me thinking about inspiration and how we find it all around us. So, in my A to Z Challenge blog posts, each letter will be something that inspires me.

Maybe it will be something that inspires me as a writer.

Maybe it will be something that inspires me as a mom.

Maybe it will be something that inspires me to be a better person.

Maybe it will be something that just inspires me to make it through another busy day.

But, you get the point, it’s all about inspiration, baby! 🙂

Posts will be shorter than normal for the most part, as I am still keeping my commitment to write every day, and usually, I don’t count writing my blog as my meeting my writing commitment for the day.

Another cool part of the challenge will be committing to visit other participants’ blogs. I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing for this challenge. Hopefully you will, too. And who knows, maybe one of them will show up in a post about what inspires me.

If you want more information on the A to Z Challenge, please go check out how to join in!

Also you can use (or look for those of us participating, with) the hashtag #AtoZChallenge on Twitter.

Have a great week and hopefully I’ll see you (and your comments) as I tackle this challenge starting on Tuesday.