Poem a Day – Day 20 – Prompt is Better Late Than Never

Hi all. This theme is appropriate for me because it’s better late than never that I get this written. I am so tired though so I will keep this short and sweet. The OctPoWriMo prompt was “Better Late than Never” and think about feelings about being late.

I thought about how sometimes it’s tempting not to try something because we are too old or for whatever reason we think it’s too late to try. I say go for it! 🙂

This form that was suggested was definitely new to me. See the description on the Shadow Poetry site for Blitz Poem. 48 lines with a repeating pattern to follow. Interesting! 🙂

Better Late Than Never

Better late than never
Better something than nothing
Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing may be easier
Easier isn’t always better
Easier isn’t always safe
Safe and sound
Safe can be an illusion
Illusion of isolation
Illusion of having enough time
Time marches on
Time we can’t get back
Back to the moment
Back to taking chances
Chances are you can do more
Chances are that maybe
Maybe have more fun, too
Maybe it’s easier than you think
Think not of the ‘Why nots’
Think not of “If”
If it is important
If it is what you want to do
Do Not give up
Do Not worry about it
It is up to no one else
It is up to you
You care what
You care who
Who cares if you fall
Who cares what they say
Say anyone or no one
Say So and So
So much to do
So much you can be
Be confident
Be Still
Still, you know…
Still, I just…
Just stop doubt
Just Go
Go About
Go To
To Here and To There
To and From
From you now
From the start