Poem a Day – Day 11 – Prompt Child Advocacy

Today’s prompt is regarding child advocacy. It is about working to make a better world for our children. I tried the free write and it led to this, though there are so many great ways to make the world better for our kids. Be sure to follow the link to the prompt and go visit other sites participating in OctPoWriMo. I’ve visited a few and there are a lot of great ones today.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. See you tomorrow. 🙂

Speak Up

You saw the bruises.
You heard the harsh words.
You suspected the abuse.

But it’s not your place to say anything.
Someone else will surely help.
Everything is probably just fine.

No, it’s not fine.
And no one else may help.
It is our place to speak up.

Your voice may the only one.
Your actions may help stop it all.
Your help may help save a life.

But you have to trust
That you should do something.
Speak up.