5 Day Picture Challenge Day 1

My friend, AJ Prince, a fellow “Twisted Writer” from our group blog, must have seen my recent lack of blogging here on my regularly scheduled blog site since she has given me a virtual nudge to get me back on track. AJ nominated me for a 5 day challenge where the nominated blogger (like me) chooses a photo to serve as a writing prompt, posting the photo and the response on his/her blog. 

We then also nominate another blogger to keep the challenge going. I nominate my friend Shelley who also took on the A to Z Challenge for the for time this year and really rocked it out. I know that she is also crazy busy, so she is of course not compelled to participate. But if she chooses – the 5 Day Photo Challenge “rules” are as follows:
1) Post a photo each day for 5 consecutive days

2) Attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry or a short paragraph. It’s entirely up to the individual.

3) Nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation.  Just have fun. 

Day 1


He should have felt relieved. Practice was now over, and the season ended the next day. No more long, sweaty practices. No more Coach pushing them to run one more lap or run one more drill. No more endless wind sprints or tackle drills. He should have felt relieved.

Instead, he was damn near heartbroken. As the late fall sun fell low, he knew he wouldn’t be coming back for another season. He stood silently off by the uprights as the others started drifting away. The younger guys were laughing and cutting up, others were pumping each other up for the next day’s game. As he listened, he tried not to mourn what was likely his last football practice. 

Sure, the practices could be a beating. Sure, he had suffered an injury or two. Sure, he sometimes hated being pushed to hit harder and run faster even when he knew it made them better. Sure, he had more than put in his time through the years. 

But he would miss putting on the pads, lining up next to teammates who now felt like brothers, and fighting it out for another winning season. 

He sure as hell would miss it.

Of course, he could always watch games when he went to college next year, and he probably would, but he knew it wouldn’t ever be the same as standing on that local high school football field, with those guys he’d grown up with playing ball under the hot Texas sun. 

9 thoughts on “5 Day Picture Challenge Day 1

  1. Well done, CJ! That was great! And brought tears to my eyes since my son graduated this year and he spent countless hours on a football field in band and the very last time brought tears to both our eyes.

    1. Thank you! I know it felt like a bit of a loss just ending the last season of Pee-Wee football, so I can only imagine how it must feel at the end of High School. Thanks! 😀😀

  2. Ah, so you’ve noticed I’ve not posted much since the A to Z Challenge ended…just kidding…what a lovely honor and your words are so nice:) I accept. And thank you! I like the challenge of a challenge. Your story is beautiful, by the way. I can relate to that player very easily. There is nothing like the feeling of being part of a team.

    1. Haha no judgement! I haven’t been posting much lately either. I have been ridiculously busy at work and with the kid for summer. This challenge was a good way to get started again😀

  3. You’re so funny, but We’ve been in the same boat lately. My blog has been neglected as well, time just isn’t on our side. I love the picture, and the story is bittersweet and something we can all relate to. You did an excellent job.

    1. Thank you! And thanks for a challenge to get me kickstarted and hopefully soon back on track. And dude I need to make it to a meeting again! Hopefully in July

  4. Powerful. Very strong, heart felt emotions brought to light. We all need to stop and reflect at key points in our lives and appreciate the moments.

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