A Reading Summer 

Summer has officially started for my three sons since Friday was the last day of school. We celebrated with them, but my husband and I also have been anxious to figure out what we will do to keep them busy and active and learning this summer. This is not always the simplest of tasks. 🙂

One of the biggest things that we would like to focus on for our twins is reading since their school year was a challenge to meet the required minimum level. We would love to see them start off the new year without falling back on any levels, but our biggest hope is that with a good solid push over the summer, they may start the new year ahead. 

In addition to seeking out other activities to keep them physically active, one of our goals this weekend was to find some academically challenging workbooks and get them going on books to read. I was very happy to find this fantastic workbook that takes them week by week through the summer with ideas for learning activities, suggested reading, and then many pages of exercises in reading, writing and math. Included with the exercises is a rewards system of stickers and certificates, so we have a great way to offer incentives. 

For my gifted and talented oldest son, I skipped the workbook for his grade level and picked out a few logic and puzzle books. His teacher also gave her class a lovely Brain Teaser packet full of logic problems for the summer. He may not have been fired up for it, but his dad and I thought it was great! 

Speaking of great teachers who help over the summer, one of the twins’ teachers offers a bookmobile service over the summer where she will meet us at the school once a week on a designated day and at a specific time to bring some leveled reader books to kids that are needing a little extra help over the summer. What a gift! You gotta love teachers! 

We also have a fantastic library near us that works in conjunction with the schools to push a summer reading program, so we signed up the whole family for the summer reading challenge – me and my husband included! To get them started on it, I took my twins in today and they got their first library cards! We have been to the library there for years but I didn’t realize until recently that they could have their own cards. I thought they were excited, though one of them promptly set his down on the floor to pick something up and forgot all about it. So, maybe not. 😉

Everyone got new books this weekend and everyone is signed up for the summer reading program and everyone is committing to read. This will be our Summer of Reading, and I must tell you I, at least, am very excited for it! 

How about you? Will you be reading this summer? Have kids you are working on reading with? What did you do to keep them reading? 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week! 


5 thoughts on “A Reading Summer 

  1. I’m having to work on with Math with Jack this summer but we’re also working on Reading just because I think it’s important to keep up with that anyway. Statistics show that levels drop over the summer if you don’t so it won’t hurt.

  2. I am excited for you. I always loved to read, but I can see how kids these days have a lot more distractions. Back in the day, my brother wasn’t as keen on books. My mother bought him comic books, whatever would keep him interested in the written word. It worked – he still reads today.

  3. Again, I love this post!! We signed up for our library’s summer reading challenge yesterday! We’re headed out on vacation to Portland later this week and everyone got books (and some movies) for the very, very long trip. Even my 4-year old, who contrary to his gifted and talented 7-year old sister, was not reading at age 2, was excited to be involved. Yesterday, the 4 of us sat in the living room and just read, no TV, no radio, no nothing except our books and being together. Yay for reading!

  4. awesome – how fun and exciting to look forward to the fun and involvement. Proud of you and Mark and we love those boys. So glad you have the support structure and taking advantage of it. Love that teacher that will be working with the twins – and she loves all three of your boys. Grateful for the teacher committed to the weekly reading bookmobile, the library working with the local schools – awesome. Excited for the summer …

  5. Most of my nieces and nephews love books. The baby who is 5 now and in kindergarten is also starting, and it has been kind of amazing to see how well he has taken to school and learning to read in the process. He is forever sounding out the simple words he has learnt and doing his letter associations (a is for apple, b is for bread, etc.) His favourite book (although he can’t properly read it yet) is his Marvel Avengers comic that my sister bought for him 🙂

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