Killer Queen 

I used to think I had a pretty diverse taste in music. I used to think I had my own favorite songs. That was until my 9 year old and 7 year olds started teaching me about music. Yes, these little boys are teaching me about music!

Let me first say that there are lots of great classic rock songs in kid’s movies and superhero movies in case you haven’t watched them lately. Iron Man, of course, got my guys started on AC/DC, which I now have quite a few AC/DC songs on my iPhone now. MegaMind helped introduce them to Guns&Roses “Welcome to the Jungle”, Michael Jackson’s “Bad” and Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train”. You gotta love when your 7 year old starts yelling out “Don’t turn the station mom!” when “Crazy Train” comes on. LOL

There’s also the greatness that is Jimmy Fallon and his Lip Sync Battles that you can watch on YouTube. One of my 7 year old twins impressed the lady who cut his hair when she asked if he had any favorite songs and he listed “Take On Me” because he saw Jimmy Fallon do a lip sync battle with it once. 

It’s thanks to the Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle that my sons are now currently teaching me all about Queen. Jimmy and Paul Rudd do one of the best battles – one of Rudd’s being Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”. It’s hilarious and I cannot hear the song now without seeing Rudd’s ridiculous and addictive performance in my head. And let me tell you we hear the song a lot.

I downloaded the Queen’s Greatest Hits to my iPhone and they are frequently the choice my boys will queue up when it’s their turn to play a song in the car. Each has their own favorite, but I have been surprised that I really enjoy them all. There are even a few I don’t have on the album that I’m probably gonna have to download as well. 

In addition to the songs on my phone, we frequently will watch the videos on YouTube on the television in the living room. “Bohemian Rhapsody” is such a classic, even if I always feel a twinge of guilt when the “Mama…just killed a man…” lyrics come on. Still, it’s classic. “We Will Rock You” gets them dancing everytime. And “Under Pressure” is my husband’s favorite Queen song, which instantly cemented it as one of my oldest’ favorites as well – because hey, anything Dad loves must be great, right? Right! 

What I love is how much I never realized I liked Queen until my kids got me on this kick. And watching videos and behind the scenes I have learned a lot about a history I never knew. I’ve also had the opportunity to have some great conversations with the kids about being different, about AIDS, and about suicide. Pretty intense huh, don’t worry I keep it as age appropriate as possible. The younger ones aren’t as inquisitive or as tuned in as the older one is most of the time. But there are always great opportunities to throw in a word or two here and there. And while I am always trying to teach my guys, I absolutely love it how they are teaching me, too! 

Do you like Queen? What is your favorite? I’m really torn but right now, “Somebody to Love” is one I have to sing along with, though Bohemian Rhapsody is just such a classic! Feel free to share your favorite in the comments! 
(PS – Sorry I missed last week’s post – I was suffering from blog fatigue after posting daily, but have also had some sick kiddos. Plus, you know, just …life! 😀) 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!