W is for…


My 2015 A to Z Challenge Theme is Quotes & Lines from Literature. Each day I will be posting a favorite quote or a few lines from well known short stories, poems or novels, with the letter of the first name as the A to Z. I’ll have a short write up with each quote, but each quote can also serve as a writing prompt for readers or myself.  I may write a poem or flash fiction based on that quote, or just throw it out there as inspiration. Hopefully you’ll join me in this adventure! I’ll try to include some of my favorite blog finds as I move through the challenge as well.

These are the first lines of Shakespeare’s Sonnet LX (60) which I found on one of my favorite and most commonly visited websites, Shakespeare Online

Why might you ask do I visit Shakespeare online so frequently? Well, I will tell you I have fallen into a new relationship with the Bard in the last year or so. My interest began thanks in large part to my fangirl favorite, Tom Hiddleston, who is a great fan of Shakespeare, but has grown as I have gotten more into the works, including seeing several performed, which is truly the best way to find a love for Shakespeare. 

One of the ways I have gotten more involved with his words is through the weekly Shakespeare lovefest that is #ShakespeareSunday on Twitter run by @HollowCrownFans. Each Sunday I search for the most fitting line to tweet within the theme and my day is always made when @HollowCrownFans retweet me. Hey, it’s the simple things in life, right? 😉 

I also picked up a really great iTunes download of a Shakespeare documentary called Muse of Fire where two actors go about trying to figure out what makes Shakespeare still so beloved after all this time. The two interview lots of everyday folk but also some big name actors, like Dame Judy Dench, Jude Law, Ewan McGregor and just the tiniest bit with Mr. Hiddleston. It’s a great exploration of why these works are so powerful even today. 

And just one more small mention of an absolute gem you should check out is PBS’s Shakespeare Uncovered. I watched the first season and am working on the second. Each episode focused on one play or a combination of related plays. Each episode is led by an actor who explores various parts of the history of the play as well as productions of it. I found these to be so helpful in understanding the works, but also just so fun to see the work in action. Definitely worth checking out! 😀

So given all of this I couldn’t pass up making W for William Shakespeare and I picked a favorite part of one of his sonnets that speaks to Time – which is a theme I am frequently drawn to. Not especially cheerful, but I love it.

Have a great week & make your minutes count! 😀