G is for…


My 2015 A to Z Challenge Theme is Quotes & Lines from Literature. Each day I will be posting a favorite quote or a few lines from well known short stories, poems or novels, with the letter of the first name as the A to Z. I’ll have a short write up with each quote, but each quote can also serve as a writing prompt for readers or myself.  I may write a poem or flash fiction based on that quote, or just throw it out there as inspiration. Hopefully you’ll join me in this adventure! I’ll try to include some of my favorite blog finds as I move through the challenge as well.



I have to confess that I am not totally sure who George Prince is, and a Google search brings up a million websites dedicated to the adorable baby Prince George, but I found this quote in the The 2,548 Best Things Anybody Ever Said book by Robert Byrne mentioned previously. 

I thought this quote was both accurate and funny, as well as a great writing prompt. πŸ˜€ A fine line between madness and sanity seems a great start, but to then explore the idea that that line is getting finer, or more blurred, or even disappearing entirely would be very interesting to develop. 

Or it could just be a day in the life of a parent. πŸ˜‰

I’ve done a septoplet based on this prompt, using both madness and sanity. 

I also had a quote from Ghandi, but wasn’t sure the source except as found on quote websites (my favorite being BrainyQuote), so I chose the madness quote. I’m including the Ghandi quote as a bonus, though, since I made that one, too. πŸ˜€



was fleeting,
if ever really there
overtook all
or perhaps 
was embraced?

18 thoughts on “G is for…

    1. For some reason there was a space when I wrote it but it runs together now. Oops. I will see if I can fix it later. I think we both embrace our madness – we are quite Twisted after all πŸ˜‰

  1. I love the Ghandi quote. I wish we all felt more like doing that. Shaking the world gently to make it better or happier. Your septoplet is so true. Very deep, CJ, very deep…:)

  2. Both great quotes. In some respects I’m drawn to preferring the Gandhi one. But that might just be my mood – which is the great thing about quotes. Always the right one for when you need it!

    1. I agree. I loved the Ghandi one and had the post started using that quote but I’ve been trying to point to a source and just didn’t have a good one, so I went a different way. I’m glad I included it though because so many have said they liked it! πŸ˜€

  3. I loved the first quote, it’s just the right amount of thought provoking. This one will stick with me for a while.

    Unfortunately however, all quotes by Gandhi have been ruined for my after playing the Civilization games and his predisposition towards nuking everything he can touch.

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