Confessions of a Jimmy Fallon Junkie

I have a confession. I have fallen into a new addiction.

YouTube videos of Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

I cannot help but smile or laugh out loud when watching the videos, especially the games he plays with celebrity guests. I stumbled on this new addiction because someone posted a video “Water War with Chris Hemsworth” on my Twitter feed and then I ended up binge watching every video uploaded from the Jimmy Fallon show ever. Ok perhaps that is a slight overstatement, but, you get the idea. 😃

One video, though, did more than make me laugh, it really made me think. It seemed a perfect illustration of how people feel it okay to behave or speak about someone when you think they may not see or hear it. It made me think of things people say online especially.

The video is about a baseball player I have never heard of, sorry I am not a baseball fan, but the clip explains it well about who he is and why NY fans might not like him. The show sets up a chance for fans to boo this player before the big game when the player returns. What the fans don’t know is that the player is actually right there and can hear. He then comes out and the people see him and their reactions are great.

Watch clip of Fans Boo Robinson Cano

How great are their reactions when they realize what they are doing/saying is essentially right to the guy’s face? Would they have done the same if they had known that in the first place? I doubt it.

I then wondered if people would say some of the hateful, ugly, and abusive things you often see said on Facebook or Twitter in posts or comments if they were having to say those things to the person’s face? I doubt it. I would think you would see far less of it in any case.

So why would people say such things online? Of course another funny late night host has tackled this topic to great hilarity in the bit Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmell Live, but I thought this was a great way to see the difference.

So, you see, my new Jimmy Fallon YouTube watching addiction has been educational
for me. Yep. Can you hear the justification there?

These clips aren’t educational at all but hilarious and some of my favorites. Enjoy and everyone have a great week!

Jimmy Fallon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Stephen Merchant Lip Sync Battle – Stephen Merchant doing Single Ladies = awesome. Jimmy Fallon is always funny. Joseph Gordon-Levitt just kills it in Tiny Dancer.

Wheel of Impressions with Kevin Spacey Because Kevin Spacey is greatness.

BattleShots with Chris Pine Poor Chris Pine hilariously loses this game.

I could go on and on, and believe me I have, but I should get back to writing and away from Jimmy Fallon clips. #Addictive – which calls for just one more clip —-

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