First Year Blogiversary

Is Blogiversary a word?  I don’t think so, but I’m using it anyway.

I’m celebrating my first full year of having this blog and the end of my first year daily writing challenge.  *Does a happy dance*

Thanks so much for checking in with me along the way for those who have been here through so much of this journey.  Thanks also to those who I have met along the way.  I have received so much positive feedback and lots of encouragement this year and it has always been greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

I’m also excited to start my second year of the challenge.  I will be tweaking it a bit and will discuss that more in my next post because I am still working out some details.

Today I’d like focus on my blog year in review.  I have a few stats I’d like to share, because they make me smile.  I have had:

  • Over 100 blog posts (including this post)
  • Over 150 followers – thank you!
  • Over 4000 views
  • Over 500 comments

I started this blog rather blindly. I wanted to do the writing challenge and added the blog as a bit of an afterthought, primarily to keep myself accountable.  You can read my first post, which talks about why I started the challenge, my original hopes for both the challenge and for the blog and also discusses why I named it Darling, You Should Be Writing.  Having started with so little direction, it’s not surprising that the posts have varied quite a lot this year in content, but are true to who I am and what I care about and how I write.

I wrote about what I’ve learned writing every day.  I gave updates along the way.  I posted on the things I learned writing everyday. I posted on how not to write a novel, something I learned a lot about this year. 🙂

I joined two different blog challenges. The first was the A-Z blog challenge, where participants post every day (except Sundays) in the month of April with each day’s prompt being a letter of the alphabet from A-Z.  My theme was things that inspire me, and essentially ended up being a collection of favorites.  I wrote about Harry Potter, Sherlock and my love of Fangirling.  I look forward to participating again this year, perhaps with a bit more of a writing theme.

I also joined the OctPoWriMo Challenge in October, where participants wrote a poem a day based on theme and/or form provided in a daily prompt.  This was a really big challenge for me because I have only in the last year developed a love for poetry and writing poetry is very new to me.  Committing to not only writing a poem a day but then to actually publish a poem a day? That was a big deal for me, but  I enjoyed the challenge quite a bit.  You can read my attempt at a haiku that I dedicated to the inspiring Love Book App.  You can hear me read a poem I wrote inspired by the He for She campaign, which I also blogged about.

I was happy to be included in a few blog hops this year.  Two were blog awards, the Versatile Blogger and the One Lovely Blog.  Both blog hops included info about me and both included links to blogs I recommend.

I wrote a few reviews of books (Me Before You) and movies (Mockingjay Part 1) and shared some grammar hangups. While I am not in favor of Grammar shaming, I did share something that drives me crazy.

Even though some of the posts may not have been specific to writing (like sharing my sadness over the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman), I always tried to bring it back to at least the creative spirit it takes to write.

Looking forward to the new year, I am planning to make some changes to how and when I post.  Currently I post regularly on Sundays and other days as I have something I feel needs to be blogged about.  In the new year I will be posting regularly on Mondays.  I may be adding in another day, specifically for posting examples of my writing, like flash fiction or poetry, but I am still working on the details for this piece.  Look for an update on that later. 🙂

I will also be joining a group of local writers for a new writing blog where I will post once a week at that group blog.  I will keep you posted on this new blog as details are available.  I am excited!

Hopefully you have enjoyed my blog thus far and will continue with me on my writing journey.  Here’s to another great year.  Write on!