Poem a Day – Day 30 – Prompt is The Day Before

We’ve almost done it now! Our last poem a day is tomorrow, and I really hope I get it done before deadline, because tomorrow is going to be a crazy busy day! (What am I saying, aren’t they all? 🙂 )

Our second to last OctPoWriMo prompt is “The Day Before…” and included images and videos of great disasters with words like ‘before’ and ‘precursor’.

I had to play around with this one quite a lot, but hopefully you like where it ended up.

See you tomorrow for the last poem and Happy Halloween. 🙂

The Day Before

The day before everything changed
It was just a normal day
We went about our busy lives
Not knowing that what was normal
No longer would be the same

We rushed through the ordinary, the easy and what had then seemed hard
Waiting for a break, a chance to rest
Taking for granted that our future
would be so much better somehow.

On the day before everything changed,
we were blissfully unaware
that those busy moments would be longingly remembered as being restful
now that everything has changed.