Poem a Day – Day 29 – Prompt is Love

Time for a love poem! Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt was all about love. Past love, current love, changing love, new love – well you get the idea. It’s about love, baby.

So many great poems have been written about love, it’s a bit intimidating to write a love poem. But tonight, in the interest and spirit of the challenge, I am giving it a try.

A love story

We just fit so perfectly
together, we two,
from the beginning,
so naturally, me and you.

You make me laugh
and I love to make you smile
these reasons alone make me
want to stay a long while.

But there’s more than
just the laughter,
the intelligence and
kindness I am after.

I love that I can count on you
I love that the kids can too
I love that you are such a great dad
I love our whole crew.

For my husband 🙂