Poem A Day – Day 28 – Prompt is hunger.

So many ways to go with today’s OctPoWriMo prompt. Our prompt was hunger (tied in with a second need).

I thought about working on a poem dealing with poverty, but this was done well by Jessica Scott, so I… went a different direction. 😉


He trailed his finger slowly
Across her collarbone

He let his eyes linger
on her slightly parted lips.

He spoke softly, so soft she
had to ask him to repeat.

He leaned in close to whisper
his words against her neck.

He backed away when she shivered
Feigned an apology.

He knew perfectly well though
what he was doing to her.

He built a hunger he knew
would make her seek him out.

He would happily wait for her –
and he would make her his.