Poem a Day – Day 25 – Prompt is Magic

Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt was a fun one for me.  Magic. 🙂

I enjoy books and movies that have magic.  I like imagining having extra powers or special abilities.  I like thinking about magical worlds and creatures.  It’s captivating to imagine a world beyond our own.

But when I did my freewriting about magic, I thought of something I saw on Pinterest once – a quote about kindness.  Kindness is magic.  I love that.  Below is a favorite quote on kindness and below that my poem inspired by the idea that kindness is magic.

Three things in human life are important.

The first is to be kind.

The second is to be kind.

And the third is to be kind.

-Henry James

A Simple Magic

by CJS

The day had been too long

the pressures piled up

and stress threatened to

spill over and out

Another task completed

and another call comes in

he doesn’t think he’ll be able

to take on anything else.

But the call was not

another task,

it was a thank you-

a compliment saying

job well done.

It made him smile

and soothed his rattled nerves

to know that maybe he

wasn’t completely unappreciated.

This little moment may not

change the world or

save the day

but every simple kindness

has the power to change

in ways we may never know.

We all have this magic inside us:

A compliment, a thank you,

a touch, a moment of our time.

All may seem like nothing

but could mean the world

to someone who needs it.

So don’t ever hesitate

to spread kindness

whenever you can.

We can never have enough 

of this special magic.

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