Poem a Day – Day 22- Prompt is A Challenge

Our prompt for today was a challenge.  The challenge was to post audio or video of us reading one of our favorite poems from the month so far.  I love poems read aloud and while this recording is far from perfect, I just love the sound of the words read out – not just on the page.

The challenge for me turned out to be just finding a way to upload the audio file that I recorded.  I am not tech savvy enough apparently.  Ha!  But I *think* I have attached the file here.  You can let me know if it’s not working and I can try again.

The poem that I chose was one of the first I did during this challenge from the Revolution prompt.  It’s called “Listen”.  It was inspired by Emma Watson’s #HeForShe speech before the UN.  I blogged about the speech and the campaign, and while this poem wasn’t specific to #HeForShe, I was thinking about it when I wrote this.


A revolution doesn’t have to be
bloody and full of martyrs
A revolution doesn’t have to be
loud and all about the noise
A revolution doesn’t have to be
about God or Country

A revolution can be a quiet,
slow spreading wildfire of an idea, if powerful enough and the moment
kindles the spirit of the movement.
If the voice that is raised is strong,
brave and speaks a truth.

If you listen you can hear it…

6 thoughts on “Poem a Day – Day 22- Prompt is A Challenge

    1. Took me forever to figure out how to do audio. I ended up upgrading so soon I’ll get my blog all customized and looking cooler like yours 😉 And I can add video like you did. Woot woot. Go Jess 🙂

      1. Oh my gosh! It took me around five times to get that video. I was so nervous, and I feel like I look horrible and I had to remember to keep looking at the camera instead of everywhere else. And then, after I got the video I wanted and got it posted, I was wired! So much adrenaline running through my body that I didn’t get to sleep until 2 this morning. LOL.

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