Poem a Day – Day 23 – Prompt is Next Chapter

We are rocking and rolling through the month now. Day 23’s OctPoWriMo prompt and the image below are from Julie Jordan Scott.


We were challenged to think of new chapters, new beginnings, and what comes next. I had to think a bit to find a new approach to an idea I seem to touch on a lot. I saw a really good movie, Begin Again, this summer and loved the idea of it never being too late to begin again. I
posted my response to the movie afterwards.

An earlier poem in this challenge, Day 20 – Better Late Than Never touched on starting now our new chapters.

So for tonight’s poem I thought about where I have been, where I am now and where I am going. This is what came to me. I hope you enjoy. 🙂


It felt like
“The End”
It seemed
at the time
to accept the idea-
that version of my life
was being left
I wish
I had known
that you would be
my next chapter
my best chapter
my “Happily Ever After”
I love
this story
we now get
to create

Poem a Day – Day 22- Prompt is A Challenge

Our prompt for today was a challenge.  The challenge was to post audio or video of us reading one of our favorite poems from the month so far.  I love poems read aloud and while this recording is far from perfect, I just love the sound of the words read out – not just on the page.

The challenge for me turned out to be just finding a way to upload the audio file that I recorded.  I am not tech savvy enough apparently.  Ha!  But I *think* I have attached the file here.  You can let me know if it’s not working and I can try again.

The poem that I chose was one of the first I did during this challenge from the Revolution prompt.  It’s called “Listen”.  It was inspired by Emma Watson’s #HeForShe speech before the UN.  I blogged about the speech and the campaign, and while this poem wasn’t specific to #HeForShe, I was thinking about it when I wrote this.


A revolution doesn’t have to be
bloody and full of martyrs
A revolution doesn’t have to be
loud and all about the noise
A revolution doesn’t have to be
about God or Country

A revolution can be a quiet,
slow spreading wildfire of an idea, if powerful enough and the moment
kindles the spirit of the movement.
If the voice that is raised is strong,
brave and speaks a truth.

If you listen you can hear it…