Poem A Day – Day16- Prompt is Once Upon a Time

Today’s prompt was Once Upon a Time. See how many stories you recognize. 🙂

Once upon
a time
in a

There was a mother of dragons
a night’s watch on guard,
A winter that is coming
And many a house coveting a throne.

Or bewitched by a wealthy gentleman
And a proud, but poor lady
Who at first vex each other greatly,
But soon find they fell in love.

I found a young girl, proficient
with a bow, selected for cruel games
Along with a boy with the bread and together they spark a revolution.

I saw an admirable father
Who took on a tough case
To show his young daughter
real courage’s face.

And then there was a wizard
Who with his friends from school
Fought off a dark lord and
Won our hearts along the way.

These books I take home
And I read in my chair
With a nice cup of tea –
All day I can stay there

For it is as I read
I can live
ever after

Poem a Day – Day 15 – Prompt is We’re Halfway There

So today is almost our almost halfway point through the poem a day through the month of October as part of OctPoWriMo. I appreciate very much those of you reading along and those who have liked and commented on my poems. I really have loved your feedback and appreciated the kind words.

Today’s poem prompt mentioned thoughts on being halfway through the challenge. The form suggested in the prompt (from Shadow Poetry) was a Diatelle. This form is specific in number of syllables per line as well as in rhyming pattern.

The syllable structure is:

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1

The rhyming pattern is:

a, b, b, c, b, c, c, a, c, c, b, c, b, b, a

I decided to keep with this challenge of trying out new forms, and this one certainly made me stretch. Not perfect, but fun, and isn’t that what it is all about? 🙂

For now.
Hear this vow.
While we are here
Straight ahead we will plow
Through thirty one days, show no fear!
There may be some laughter, maybe a tear.
In poetry, like life, to find joy is the way
So to these simple rules we must adhere
Say nothing ugly, not one jeer!
Some poems may not wow,
But with path clear
We can now