Poem A Day – Day 14 – Prompt is The Poets We Know

Our OctPoWriMo prompt for today was a bit different. Instead of a specific theme, we were given a variety of great lines from accomplished poets to use as inspiration.

The line I chose is from Denise Levertov:

“Two girls discover the secret of life in a sudden line of poetry.”

While maybe I haven’t quite discovered the secret of life, this last year I’ve really been opened to poetry, both reading and writing it, thanks to The Love Book app and iF poems app. If you are a regular reader you have heard me plug these many times, because I love them and it is how I came to this new appreciation for the beauty and wisdom of poetry. I think there is something especially affecting about having the poems read aloud, and by someone who knows what they are doing. These apps really sparked the love for me, but books I have picked up (and been given – thanks Jess) since finding these apps have really cemented what I imagine will be a lifelong love of poetry. What a gift is that?

So my very simple try for a Haiku is given with love and appreciation for everyone involved with those apps. If you don’t have them already, go get them. 🙂 There is a lovely print version available now as well, but the apps have my heart.


It seemed so simple –
Just a line from a poem,
but her world opened.