Poem a Day – Day 10 – Prompt Mental Illness


Today is World Mental Health Day established by the World Federation For Mental Health to raise awareness for mental health issues.

Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt was to write a poem that touches on mental health.

I would imagine most of us have had some experience with mental illness, whether dealing with our own or with the illness of family and friends. Unfortunately though, it is not always something we talk about, and certainly isn’t something we fully understand.

But surely talking about it, and writing about it, has to help make those dealing with mental health issues feel less alone.

My poem tonight is different than my usual, but is dedicated to those who struggle with depression and other forms of mental illness.

Drowning in the dark
By CJ Schwartz

On the surface
everything looked fine
On the surface
he seemed to be all right.

In his mind, though,
were depths of anguish.
In his mind, though,
was the pain he tried to hide.

Wrapped in her arms,
his sobs shook them both.
Wrapped in her arms,
he still felt completely alone.

Those who loved him
wanted desperately to help.
Those who loved him
needed for him to find a way.

He wanted
to get better.
He wanted
to break free.

But the darkness.
the darkness…
the darkness

8 thoughts on “Poem a Day – Day 10 – Prompt Mental Illness

    1. Ah, thanks. Very kind of you to say so. I’m still such a newbie playing around with poetry, but it’s been a great challenge. Thanks for reading and for the comment. Hopefully I will make it to group again soon.

    1. Thank you. Practicing may not make perfect in my case but the benefit of this challenge is that hopefully I will at least improve. Thanks for reading and for the comment. 🙂

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