Poem a Day – Day 9 – Write on!


Would Shakespeare have imagined
By CJ Schwartz

Would Shakespeare have imagined
his sonnets would still be read today?
Would Whitman have dreamed
his words would still hold sway?

Would Poe, Byron, or Auden
have thought it at all strange
that his words could still move us
though our world has changed?

“But I’m not Keats or Shelley”,
you might be inclined to say,
but you cannot imagine where
your words could live one day.


Today’s prompt mentioned what we may say to someone who wanted to quit writing poetry.

I will admit I struggled at first. The first day I was excited I had signed up for OctPoWriMo. “Oh, yeah, I can do this,” I thought.

The next day I seriously thought about throwing in the towel. Was anyone reading that would care if I quit?

Ultimately it came down not to what others would think, but how I would feel if I quit. Which would be…not good.

Today’s poem is encouragement that I could have given myself that day.

So, what would I say to someone struggling? I say, “Write On!” 🙂

3 thoughts on “Poem a Day – Day 9 – Write on!

  1. I would have cared. Of course, I would. Not because of the poetry but because I know you would feel ‘not good’. Your poetry is getting so much better as you keep this up. This one is wonderful encouragement. The one I wrote was with you in mind. What would CJ say to me, I wondered if I quit. Oh, I knew you’d incllude some Shakespeare. And some wise British words. But it wpuld all simply have come down to ‘write on’. Good job!

  2. I only realized this rhymed on my 2nd read-through…which is good. Sometimes rhyme sticks out more than it should but this flowed. And it’s an interesting question….did any of our most favorite poets have an inkling…even one….the weight of the words they played with?

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