Poem a day – Day 7 – Prompt is Silence

With today’s prompt for OctPoWriMo being “silence”, my first responses were things like:

What is the meaning of the word? As a mom of three boys, I know this not. 🙂 Foreign to me it is. Wish for it I do. Distant in my future it probably is.

And yes, I have reverted to Yoda speak. It happens. 🙂

So the assignment is to devote five whole minutes with no outside noises to distract to being silent. See what emerges.

To do this I needed the kids asleep and I needed to dwell in silence for five minutes without drifting off to sleep, which is what I have been anxious to do since I woke up this morning.

But it is a lovely exercise, and certainly a great way to warm up for writing- not just for poetry, but for any writing.

Here is the result of my Silence exercise. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Linger here

A whisper silenced
A hand taken-
Wrapped up
In my own.

Let’s be still
Eyes closed
And listen
To the quiet

For just a moment
Let’s soak it in
This gift of peace
however brief.

4 thoughts on “Poem a day – Day 7 – Prompt is Silence

  1. I promise to respond to your other poems since I’ve been so busy I have yet to do so, and I really love what is coming out of your pen (fingers). But this one completely took me off guard. CJ, this one is beautiful. I love this one more than any of the others, and you know me, I love poetry. This one speaks volumes in those few short lines. It is perfect. Very well done!
    P.S. Meditation for even ten minutes a day is a big help to me. It centers me. It is hard to find ten minutes sometimes but worth it.

  2. Thanks very much. I am definitely out of my comfort zone but you know how much I have fallen for poetry lately. I figure it’s playing around with to learn more. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. Hugs

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