Poem a day – Day 6 – Prompt: Perfect

Today was a challenging parenting day for my husband and me. We have all three of our kids in various stages of sickness and have been dealing with this for a week or so. There are lots of difficulties beyond the obvious misery of just having to see your kiddos be miserable in any way.

One big difficulty, for me, is having to make so many decisions. Do we need to take them to the doctor or do they not need to go in? Do they need to stay home from school or are they good to go back? Do they go ahead and play sports or should they skip? These choices can fuel the fire of doubts we have about the quality of our parenting.

So when I read today’s OctPoWriMo prompt I immediately thought of the pressure we feel, both internally and externally, to be a perfect parent.

I chose to try this poem’s form from suggestion in today’s prompt. I did this partially because I want to use this challenge to learn more about poetry and its forms. I’ll be honest, though, I also really liked the length. 4 lines. 🙂

Life of a mom
Wants to be perfect
Fails daily, but tries again each day
Love! Not perfection