Poem a Day – Days 3&4

Well it looks like I am off to a rocky start. 🙂

Doing this October Poetry Writing Month Challenge – OctPoWriMo – is turning out to be a challenge for me, on several levels. The first is, of course, and always, time. I have already committed to writing something every day, but writing something worth letting someone actually see every day, and in a style where I’m such a complete beginner? It’s turning out to be quite a bit more difficult than I anticipated. 🙂

But I’ve stressed to my kids the importance of sticking with something even when it is hard, so I can push myself a little here. This challenge will help me stretch my limits a bit and force me to share, which is something I will admit I am not always the best at doing. ( Joanne and Jessica will be nodding their heads at this comment. 🙂 I know, I know.)

It helps to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done. Maybe after a month of attempts, I’ll come up with a keeper or two. Maybe. 🙂

Below are poems for Days 3 and 4. Prompt for Day 3 is sweets, treats, indulgences. Day 4 is revolution.

Delights of the season

I watched a film the other day,
one with gentlemen in waistcoats; ladies in petticoats, hats, and gloves
Attending balls and gathering
at a large estate for a perfect picnic
At one point a wealthy widow
offers to take the poor young ladies
to her place in London
to ‘taste the delights of the season’.
She surely was referring to the
opportunities to be social
and for the ladies to snag a husband.
But what an interesting idea:
tasting the delights of the season.

Autumn is beginning here soon
and with the falling leaves comes
cups of hot cocoa and spiced cider
pumpkins and pine cones
Warm sweaters and cooler evenings
Football and chili cook offs
Halloween candy and crazy costumes
Turkey and dressing and lots of pie
Let us taste the delights of this season,
and the delights of all seasons
in the little moments.


A revolution doesn’t have to be
bloody and full of martyrs
A revolution doesn’t have to be
loud and all about the noise
A revolution doesn’t have to be
about God or Country

A revolution can be a quiet,
slow spreading wildfire of an idea, if powerful enough and the moment
kindles the spirit of the movement.
If the voice that is raised is strong,
brave and speaks a truth.

If you listen you can hear it…