Poem a Day – Day 30 – Prompt is The Day Before

We’ve almost done it now! Our last poem a day is tomorrow, and I really hope I get it done before deadline, because tomorrow is going to be a crazy busy day! (What am I saying, aren’t they all? 🙂 )

Our second to last OctPoWriMo prompt is “The Day Before…” and included images and videos of great disasters with words like ‘before’ and ‘precursor’.

I had to play around with this one quite a lot, but hopefully you like where it ended up.

See you tomorrow for the last poem and Happy Halloween. 🙂

The Day Before

The day before everything changed
It was just a normal day
We went about our busy lives
Not knowing that what was normal
No longer would be the same

We rushed through the ordinary, the easy and what had then seemed hard
Waiting for a break, a chance to rest
Taking for granted that our future
would be so much better somehow.

On the day before everything changed,
we were blissfully unaware
that those busy moments would be longingly remembered as being restful
now that everything has changed.

Poem a Day – Day 29 – Prompt is Love

Time for a love poem! Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt was all about love. Past love, current love, changing love, new love – well you get the idea. It’s about love, baby.

So many great poems have been written about love, it’s a bit intimidating to write a love poem. But tonight, in the interest and spirit of the challenge, I am giving it a try.

A love story

We just fit so perfectly
together, we two,
from the beginning,
so naturally, me and you.

You make me laugh
and I love to make you smile
these reasons alone make me
want to stay a long while.

But there’s more than
just the laughter,
the intelligence and
kindness I am after.

I love that I can count on you
I love that the kids can too
I love that you are such a great dad
I love our whole crew.

For my husband 🙂

Poem A Day – Day 28 – Prompt is hunger.

So many ways to go with today’s OctPoWriMo prompt. Our prompt was hunger (tied in with a second need).

I thought about working on a poem dealing with poverty, but this was done well by Jessica Scott, so I… went a different direction. 😉


He trailed his finger slowly
Across her collarbone

He let his eyes linger
on her slightly parted lips.

He spoke softly, so soft she
had to ask him to repeat.

He leaned in close to whisper
his words against her neck.

He backed away when she shivered
Feigned an apology.

He knew perfectly well though
what he was doing to her.

He built a hunger he knew
would make her seek him out.

He would happily wait for her –
and he would make her his.

Poem a Day – Day 27 – Prompt is Sleep/Dreams

It was tempting to take our OctPoWriMo prompt about sleep and dreams and just write about wanting more of both. I would love more sleep and hey, dreaming is fun. 🙂 But I was thinking of Keats’ “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” today and loved the idea of a warning in a dream.

The dream

I don’t remember
falling asleep
But I do remember
the dream.

I don’t quite recall
the details of the room
where it happened, but
I can remember the
austere furnishings and
the crisp line of light
breaking past the curtains’ edge.
I remember the light because of
the way it hit the floor.
I seemed unable to look away
from the floor as you spoke.
I remember I certainly could not
look at you.
I don’t know if I ever looked at
you in this dream, but I know
it was you. In the dream, I swear I could hear you
right next to me.
I cannot place how you said
but I can still feel the
of being left behind.
But surprisingly, I felt no fire-
no burn when you
walked away.
I just remember
feeling grateful.

I don’t remember
waking up.
But I know,
my eyes are open now.

Poem a Day – Day 26 – Prompt is Face Your Fear


Hello! Happy Sunday and thanks for visiting on my normal post day. I am still continuing the OctPoWriMo poem a day challenge. We’ve made it to Day 26 and will be finishing up this week. It’s been a great way for me to push myself and also great to meet new writers. I have enjoyed visiting new blogs and appreciate those who have visited mine.

Our OctPoWriMo prompt today was about facing our fears. Our suggested inspiration possibly scary movies or Halloween, or maybe words like frightening and mysterious.

My poem today is a real horror story ;). I hope you enjoy.


With white knuckles,
tensed muscles,
and blood pressure spiking,
she walked in the door.

The smells and sounds
she had forgotten assaulted her
as she walked in the room,
but she steeled herself.

She was not alone, others waited.
She looked at their faces –
they all seemed braver,
more prepared than she.

Too soon they took her back
into the room full of drills
and tools and strange instruments.
Time for the dentist.

Poem a Day – Day 25 – Prompt is Magic

Today’s OctPoWriMo prompt was a fun one for me.  Magic. 🙂

I enjoy books and movies that have magic.  I like imagining having extra powers or special abilities.  I like thinking about magical worlds and creatures.  It’s captivating to imagine a world beyond our own.

But when I did my freewriting about magic, I thought of something I saw on Pinterest once – a quote about kindness.  Kindness is magic.  I love that.  Below is a favorite quote on kindness and below that my poem inspired by the idea that kindness is magic.

Three things in human life are important.

The first is to be kind.

The second is to be kind.

And the third is to be kind.

-Henry James

A Simple Magic

by CJS

The day had been too long

the pressures piled up

and stress threatened to

spill over and out

Another task completed

and another call comes in

he doesn’t think he’ll be able

to take on anything else.

But the call was not

another task,

it was a thank you-

a compliment saying

job well done.

It made him smile

and soothed his rattled nerves

to know that maybe he

wasn’t completely unappreciated.

This little moment may not

change the world or

save the day

but every simple kindness

has the power to change

in ways we may never know.

We all have this magic inside us:

A compliment, a thank you,

a touch, a moment of our time.

All may seem like nothing

but could mean the world

to someone who needs it.

So don’t ever hesitate

to spread kindness

whenever you can.

We can never have enough 

of this special magic.

Poem a Day – Day 24 – Prompt is Guilty Pleasures

So today’s OctPoWriMo prompt was not exactly just about guilty pleasures, but that was the part of the prompt I responded to the most, so I’m running with it. I did read the fantastic post by Jessica Scott, which got me thinking about guilty pleasures instead of the reality shows the prompt mainly touched upon, so, thanks Jess! 🙂

I am an unapologetic Fangirl and my love extends to many books, movies, TV shows and people. I have posted about
being a Fangirl before and also about my absolute love for all things Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Sherlock and Game of Thrones. I also started this blog and writing challenge because of my Tom Hiddleston Fangirling.

So without further ado – my poem tonight for guilty pleasures is my fun Fangirl anthem. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to share what you geek out/Fangirl out about in the comments.

I am Fangirl, hear me roar

I geek out about a lot –
this I will not deny.
So here I am now –
letting my Fangirl flag fly high.

I have book characters
that I love with great zeal
And worlds in those books
I wish dearly were real.

I have movies I love
and am known often to quote
I love when you quote along
but still will, even if you don’t.

Oh and TV shows!
I’m not afraid to admit
I love the tenth Doctor
and the eleventh, Matt Smith.

There may also be an actor
that makes me smile quite a lot
perhaps I should feel guilty
but, honestly, I really do not.

I am a fangirl –
hear me roar
I am a fangirl –
With much I adore.

Come along if you like and
Share what you love most
We can share in the bond
Or share in a toast.

Fangirls don’t judge
We just have lots of fun
And if we scare you a wee bit
It is okay to run.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Poem a Day – Day 23 – Prompt is Next Chapter

We are rocking and rolling through the month now. Day 23’s OctPoWriMo prompt and the image below are from Julie Jordan Scott.


We were challenged to think of new chapters, new beginnings, and what comes next. I had to think a bit to find a new approach to an idea I seem to touch on a lot. I saw a really good movie, Begin Again, this summer and loved the idea of it never being too late to begin again. I
posted my response to the movie afterwards.

An earlier poem in this challenge, Day 20 – Better Late Than Never touched on starting now our new chapters.

So for tonight’s poem I thought about where I have been, where I am now and where I am going. This is what came to me. I hope you enjoy. 🙂


It felt like
“The End”
It seemed
at the time
to accept the idea-
that version of my life
was being left
I wish
I had known
that you would be
my next chapter
my best chapter
my “Happily Ever After”
I love
this story
we now get
to create

Poem a Day – Day 22- Prompt is A Challenge

Our prompt for today was a challenge.  The challenge was to post audio or video of us reading one of our favorite poems from the month so far.  I love poems read aloud and while this recording is far from perfect, I just love the sound of the words read out – not just on the page.

The challenge for me turned out to be just finding a way to upload the audio file that I recorded.  I am not tech savvy enough apparently.  Ha!  But I *think* I have attached the file here.  You can let me know if it’s not working and I can try again.

The poem that I chose was one of the first I did during this challenge from the Revolution prompt.  It’s called “Listen”.  It was inspired by Emma Watson’s #HeForShe speech before the UN.  I blogged about the speech and the campaign, and while this poem wasn’t specific to #HeForShe, I was thinking about it when I wrote this.


A revolution doesn’t have to be
bloody and full of martyrs
A revolution doesn’t have to be
loud and all about the noise
A revolution doesn’t have to be
about God or Country

A revolution can be a quiet,
slow spreading wildfire of an idea, if powerful enough and the moment
kindles the spirit of the movement.
If the voice that is raised is strong,
brave and speaks a truth.

If you listen you can hear it…

Poem a Day – Day 21 – Prompt is Fingerprints


The photo above and today’s OctPoWriMo prompt were from the very talented Julie Jordan Scott. Our prompt was to think about fingerprints, handprints, or footprints.

I like the idea of exploring where our fingerprints might be in this world – whether it be physical places we have been and things we have literally touched, or, as I’ve chosen to explore, a metaphorical fingerprint.

I love the line quoted in Dead Poets Society (a favorite) from Walt Whitman’s O Me! O Life!

What good amid these? O me? O life?
That you are here- that life exists and identity
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.

As Mr. Keating then asked, “What will your verse be?”


I watched him read out loud
to his brothers one day
when he thought I wasn’t looking.

I saw him helping a friend
in a quiet thoughtful way,
without being asked to help.

I heard him express himself
clearly and intelligently
with confidence, not fear.

I hear and see so much
he does, he says, he is,
with so much pride in him.

I tell myself hopefully that there must
be at least some of my fingerprints
in this person he is becoming.