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First I have to say I am sorry for missing my regularly scheduled post day last Sunday. I was able to have a date night with my husband at the last minute whilst writing my blog post and I just dropped my blog and went out for a kid free night. It was fantastic, but I was sorry I missed and will do my best not to skip for so long again.

This post however is to first thank the person who nominated me for this blogger award and then to share the love and nominate fellow bloggers who are all really awesome and well worth checking out!

Big thanks to the Reckless Romantic for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger award. To accept this award ( which I am late in accepting – apologies again ) I agree to:

1) Link to the person who nominated me
2) list 10 other bloggers to receive the award
3) link to their sites
4) let them know they were nominated
5) tell 7 things about myself

7 Things to Know About Me

1) I am working on my first book in a planned series. It’s Paranormal Romance and the first draft is almost finished!

2) I have a great love for reading – all genres and recently have even added poetry into the mix. Read my A to Z Challenge posts about my love of reading and recent love for poetry.

3) Music and movies are also great loves and help keep me sane. See my 30 Seconds to Mars, Outro or Mumford and Sons posts for music.  Though all of these fit into the A to Z, 30 Seconds to Mars is a new favorite band – top 5 all time I think for me! For movies check out my Playing by Heart or Zoolander posts.

4) I love to travel, though I don’t get to do nearly enough now as a happily married full-time working mother of 3 crazy & wonderful young boys (ages 8, 6 & 6 – yes, you read that right, I am a mom of identical twin boys. All 3 of my sons are fantastic fun). Read my post on Scotland travel for an example of travel love.

5) I am a hopeless Fangirl. Check out my ode to Fangirling. My primary Fangirl love is for Tom Hiddleston & can be found throughout my posts, but you can read also about my Fangirl love for Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Sherlock and Game of Thrones.

6) I challenged myself to write everyday for a year back in the end of December 2013. Read my first post about getting started or what I learned early on writing every day. I am at over 150 days now and the challenge has been fantastic!

7) I love to hear from you! Please leave me a comment and tell me something about you! Go check out the other bloggers and Reckless Romantic who referred me and comment on their blogs. Bloggers supporting bloggers is a beautiful thing.

Bloggers I recommend:

1). Lunatic Lover and Poet

2.) Tea and Knee Socks

3.) Wordsplash

4.) Celine JeanJean

5.) Larry Atchley Jr.

6.) Robyn LaRue

7.) Gwynn Rogers

8) Tina DC Hayes

9) A Writer Inspired

10) Cheryl Wright