For fun

Today is a friend from my writers group’s birthday, so here is a little gift. I am certainly a novice at poetry, but I believe in this case, she’ll accept that it is the thought that counts. 😉

Hopefully, you will as well. 🙂

By CJ Schwartz

Pain will not crush and confine me
I will let it transform me
Fear will not hold or hinder me
I will let it drive me

Forward is where I am headed
I will begin anew
Upward reaching, growing
I will journey on

Happiness will not a stranger be
I will let it accompany me
Peace will not allude me
I will let it surround me

4 thoughts on “For fun

  1. Oh my goodness! CJ! I love it! You have no idea! No one has ever written a poem for me. You are just….I have no words!
    This is amazing and beautiful and means so SO much!
    Thank you! The best birthday present anyone could give me! Yes, there are tears. But very happy ones!

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