Quiet Moment


Q is for Quiet Moment which is my humble attempt to celebrate National Poetry Month with an original poem. I should mention that I’ve only a recent love of poetry and have never really studied the craft or written much that would really qualify as poetry. So be gentle with me should you be kind enough to read and leave a comment.

Quiet Moment

By CJ Schwartz

Amid the swirling chaos
she could feel a little lost
Filling her every fleeting moment
Often came with quite a cost.

But there was always much left to do
And so much left to see
She refused to allow herself
time to just sit and rest quietly.

Deep in her soul, though, she knew
She could no longer steadfastly deny
the simple necessity of healing peace
So she resolved she would try.

When the weight of the everyday
began to crush and crumble
her spirit to pieces again, she stopped
this time before she’d stumble.

Escaping the confines of the artificial
She walked out into the light
Late afternoon sun bathed her skin
And whispered softly, it’s all right.

A gentle breeze touched her face
And lifted a strand of her hair
She closed her eyes and savored
a quiet moment, alone in the fresh air.