Mumford & Sons


I enjoy Mumford & Sons music for the folk rock fun of their songs, which is so different (and more lively!) than a lot of the other types of music I enjoy. I would not have imagined myself being a folk rock band fan, but it didn’t take long listening to Sign No More before I was hooked. Then with the release of Babel, I continued to be impressed.

The sound of the music is great, but what really inspires me about Mumford & Sons are their really lovely lyrics.

Below are a few of my favorites. Please feel free to share with me in the comments which are your favorites. Are you a Mumford & Sons fan? Or, have you, like several of my friends decided ‘Enough already!’ with their sound? I still love them. 🙂

Sigh No More

There is a design, an alignment to cry,
Of my heart to see,
The beauty of love as it was made to be.

Love; it will not betray you,
Dismay you, enslave you,
It will set you free
Be more like the man
you were meant to be

Awake My Soul

In these bodies we live,
in these bodies we die,
And where you invest your love,
you invest your life

Below my feet

Keep the earth below my feet
For all my sweat, my blood runs weak
Let me learn from where I have been
Oh keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn.