Day 60 of 365 Writing Challenge

Today marks the 60th day of my Write Every Day for 365 Days personal challenge. Several have asked how it has been going, so here it is – my status report. 🙂

I am very happy to report I have not missed a single day!

I have had a few days where I wrote very little and more than a few days where I wrote very poorly.

The great thing is though, I have written.

My book is coming together quite a bit more than it was in the beginning and not just because I’ve added to the word count.

It is true that I’ve had days where I’ve sat and looked at the page with no clear idea what to write. But I have to tell you, I have been so surprised with where I ended up after just putting in some time. Having made the commitment to write, I have gotten back into this book far more than I had before, adding scenes and filling in holes. That alone has been great!

Another really wonderful and very unexpected benefit of the challenge has been this blog and joining the writing ‘Twitterverse’. I never would have imagined I’d enjoy both so thoroughly. I’ve gotten words of encouragement and some really good hints both here and on Twitter. I’ve also found great blogs to follow as a result of having my own. Shout out to Mad Genius Club blog which mixes industry insight and commentary with the occasional snarky bent. All in all, a really great blog to check out.

I’ve mentioned this before but it bears repeating, this challenge has gotten me back into a writer’s group, too. I have found I always get so much out of surrounding myself with other writers. One great new friend through my writers group has been Jessica Scott whose The Lover, Lunatic and Poet blog is also worth a follow. Having positive writer friends to encourage me in the whole process is such a gift.

Perhaps the best result of the first 60 days of this challenge is simply to see what can happen when I challenge myself to be better. I’ve set an expectation for myself and now I must rise to that expectation. Without having a goal to work toward, will we ever truly progress?

I remember in high school feeling a high level of frustration with a teacher who seemed to expect not the best from his students, but the worst. His comments always indicated he predicted most would fail, or for us to cause problems or for any of a number of negative outcomes. I remember writing a long letter, since writing has always helped me sort things out, detailing how our teachers should have higher expectations for us to strive towards. I remember resolving I would never do that to my students. I never actually went into teaching but I still remember the frustration and disappointment I felt over his setting the bar so low.

My hope for myself, and for you also, is to set expectations high – perhaps even higher than we truly believe we may achieve. Maybe that will help us keep reaching.

I know it has helped me.

Day 60 of 365 – a beautiful day. Much love to all.