A New Beginning – Sort of

This is the original entry I made to another blog I started but have decided to move to WordPress.  Originally published and started on 12/26/13.  I am now in Day 26 of my 365 Day Challenge. I am now just living it in a new blog space. 

Welcome to my little personal writing challenge tracking blog.  In this blog I will track my progress, my struggles and hopefully my success in my goal to complete a full year with a daily writing commitment.  An editor friend of mine frequently suggests to us aspiring writers that we follow the Artist’s Way direction of writing something every day just to get the habit in place and to strengthen our writer’s muscles.  As the new year looms, I am finally taking her advice and making myself this goal.




I will write every day.  Even if it’s the grocery list.  Even  when it’s awful.  Even when it’s not convenient.  I will just write.  Every Day.  And then blog about it. 




This blog may show what I’ve written.  Or it could just list a daily word count.  Or could possibly be a post that tells about my writing experience for the day.  The goal is to blog whatever will keep me accountable. 




So – Write something every day.  Blog something about it.  365 days.  The DYSBWriting 365 Day Challenge! 




Why DYSBWriting? 




Confession time.  I am a recently converted and completely smitten Tom Hiddleston fangirl.  I stumbled upon the ridiculous amount of fangirl love out there for him on Pinterest and other places and quickly found myself in binge viewing mode over a weekend stuck in the house with my 3 crazy wonderful little boys (while we were all iced in and unable to leave the house for school or work). 




Many interviews were watched, pictures scrolled through, and Marvel movie watching commenced.  I have purchased my tickets to see his play which is being broadcast from London to my humble Dallas movie theater in February.  In short it’s become a bit of a sickness. 




BUT the upside to my Hiddleston obsession is that, while others jokingly say that all of Tom Hiddleston’s wonderful qualities make him a “life-ruiner”, I find his fangirl-love-inspiring qualities better suited for inspiration, rather than destruction. 




I saw a picture on Pinterest, that had Tom’s lovely face along with the words “Darling, you should be writing” and I’ve decided to use that as an inspiration piece.  I will hear him telling me with his flawless accent and mesmerizing voice, “Darling, you should be writing.” 




The benefits to this imaginary prompt are:


1)      How could we fangirls refuse Tom anything?  So write I shall.


2)      If I am cranky and not wanting to comply it’s not like he’s my real life husband or sister or friend who I could quite possibly snap at for telling me what I should be doing.  To borrow a Loki line – “ I do what I want!” 




Fortunately I have a wonderful husband who is incredibly supportive and kind and full of wonderful qualities himself and he happens to be tolerant of my fangirling and 100% in my corner in my writing goals. 


This blog, while officially named and essentially inspired by my fangirling is dedicated to the man with whom I am blessed to share my real life. 




Here we go! 


6 thoughts on “A New Beginning – Sort of

    1. Thanks! I really need to spend some time developing this still. But I can already tell there’re a lot of really great things here that weren’t the same at the other.

      I am really enjoying your blog as well. I’m certain that we do have lots in common, not the least of which is our both being mom to a bunch of boys. That alone is a good source of bonding.

      I look forward to seeing you at the next meeting and getting to know you better through our blogs (and twitter too! ).

  1. Great blog. Nice work, and I’m glad you are committed to your writing goals and ready to share your creativity with us in the writers circle. I’ve really been struggling with being able to write lately. It’s important for us all to inspire and motivate each other and help make our work the best it can be through positive feedback and critique. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to reading what you’ve been working on.

    1. Thanks Larry. We’ve missed you these last few meetings. It’s great to be back. I went through several months at the end of last year where I didn’t write a single thing. It feels so good to jump back in with both feet! I am hoping we see you submit again soon – the novel you told me about especially. I really want to read that! 🙂

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